Do you need the services of a Durable Power of Attorney Kirkland? Eagle Law Offices, P.S. will guide you accordingly. A durable power of attorney is one of the most useful tools that a lawyer can suggest to a client for estate planning, Medicaid and other similar programs.

Eagle Law Offices, P.S. has extensive experience offering legal services related to Family, Criminal & Estate Planning matters. We have established contacts within the legal community to benefit our clients. Led by attorney Paul Eagle, our firm will offer advice in all matters related to durable powers of attorney.

When a client (the principal) signs a power of attorney, he or she gives another person (the agent) authority to act on his or her behalf in relation to affairs and assets. An agent has the authority to carry out banking transactions, manage stocks, bonds, real estate transactions and gift giving.

This power of attorney is durable when an additional understanding is reached that states that the agent will continue to carry out these duties even when the principal becomes incapacitated. A power of attorney must explicitly state that it is durable for this to take effect.

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