Living in a home where domestic violence is taking place is stressful for both children and parents. If you are in need a restraining order to protect yourself for have had a restraining order filed against you, contact Eagle Law Offices, P.S.  We quickly return phone calls or respond to inquiries submitted to our website. Our clients come to us from Seattle, Bellevue and most parts of Western Washington. We will help you obtain a restraining order or defend you if you are accused of domestic violence.

If you are fearful that you or your children will be victims of domestic abuse, contact us now. We can help you apply and obtain a Temporary Restraining Order from the court. However, a temporary restraining order only lasts for a short time, from a few days to a week or so. At that time the respondent has the legal right to refute your reasons for obtaining the Temporary Restraining Order and get back the right to see your common children.

The reason that both women and men do not seek help against domestic violence is often a feeling of shame or “I deserved it.” This is untrue – no one deserves to be harmed by another.  If you need to get a temporary restraining order or are the respondent in an action for a restraining order call Eagle Law Offices, P.S.

While there is no excuse for the commission of domestic abuse, many are falsely accused by angry partners or relatives.  Call us to help protect your rights.