Paternity of a child can be established by the following:

  • Paternity by presumption: A man is presumed to be the father of a child if he is married to the mother near the time of the child’s birth. This presumption of paternity can be rebutted by the following:
    • A court order;
    • Valid denial of paternity established by the mother and the biological
      father signing a paternity affidavit and no signature to the paternity
      affidavit provided by the presumed father; or
    • Another man is legally determined by a court to be the father.
  • Paternity by affidavit: A man and the mother sign an acknowledgment of paternity after July 1, 1997.
  • Paternity by adoption: A man adopts a child.
  • Paternity by court order: A man determined to be the father by court order in a paternity case.
  • Paternity in certain surrogate parenting or assisted reproduction circumstances.

In order for a mother to initiate a paternity action, the mother must name the presumed father in a non-parental custody petition and properly serve the presumed father with a non-parental custody petition. For a man to establish paternity of a child, he must properly serve the mother with a Petition for Establishment of Parentage.

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If paternity is not established, and you do not believe you are the father of the child, you must determine the father’s identity and properly serve the possible father(s) with a Petition for Parentage. If the child’s mother is unwilling to assist you and the non-parental custody case is filed, you may be able to use court services or discovery procedures to identify possible fathers.

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