If you are feeling threatened, alarmed or harassed by another person or group of people call Eagle Law Offices, P.S. at 206.426.6961 in Seattle or toll free 1.877.579.0650.  Our clients come to us from Seattle, Bellevue and most parts of the state of Washington.

How Eagle Law Offices, P.S. Helps Harassed People

If you are being harassed, you are under an extraordinary amount of stress and need an attorney to represent you. We ensure that all of the legal requirements are met so that you can be granted an anti-harassment order. Choosing Eagle Law Offices, P.S. to help you file your anti-harassment petition will help you to gain control of your situation and alleviate the stress.

At Eagle Law Offices, P.S., we know that harassment cases can cause real fear. Our experienced attorneys will do everything possible to rapidly get the case into court and argue your case there. You may be asked to provide supporting evidence along with exhibits to support your anti-harassment petition. Filing the petition is a legal proceeding before a judge in a courtroom. Not only may the legal process involve more than one court appearance before a judge, but witnesses may be questioned or cross examined to help the judge decide your case.

What is Harassment?

Harassment is an unlawful act that is committed when one person acts in a manner that knowingly and willfully annoys, harasses, alarms or acts in a way that detrimental to another person and the person’s acts have no legal basis. The attorneys at Eagle Law Offices, P.S. are very familiar with Washington State Law RCW 7.105, also called the Civil Protection Orders statute. To qualify for protection under this statute the harassing behavior must occur more than once; essentially the harassing person must be following a plan of behavior. To help prove your case, the dates that harassment occurred are very helpful.

Also, if your child is being bullied, we can help by getting an anti-harassment petition against the person or people harassing your minor child.

Anti-harassment petitions stop a person or people from continuing the harassment by a court order, and may prohibit the harassing party from coming within a certain distance of the petitioner. Reimbursement for your legal expenses may also be obtained. Call us today for a free telephone consultation.