To ensure that your estate is distributed as you wish upon your death, a qualified and competent Wills Attorney in Seattle is necessary. Eagle Law Offices, P.S. can provide more information about wills and estate planning and help you through this complex and overwhelming process.

We are a law firm based in Seattle but with operations all over Washington. Eagle Law Offices, P.S. is led by prominent attorney Paul Eagle, and has extensive experience representing clients in estate planning, criminal and family legal matters including the creation of wills.

The experienced staff at Eagle Law Offices, P.S. understands that drafting a will can be an emotional and confusing process.  We will work hand in hand with you to ensure that your will is crafted to your exact wishes and that nothing important is left out.

For legal advice regarding wills, call Eagle Law Offices, P.S. today at 1-877-579-0650 to speak to a Wills Attorney in Seattle. We offer both flat fee services and retainer fees for your convenience. For an office appointment, please contact us to schedule a confidential consultation. We look forward to working with you.