Where to Find Help for Harassment

If you think you have been a victim of harassment, then you may need an experienced attorney. Eagle Law Offices, P.S. has extensive experience with Seattle Harassment and bullying cases, and we are ready to help you get the help and compensation you deserve.

What Is Harassment?

Harassment is unwelcome communication or physical conduct based on your race, religion, color, sex, ethnicity, disability, age or other features that you cannot control. Harassment can also be sexual in nature. Unwelcome touching, leering or lewd looks can all be considered sexual harassment. Harassment must go beyond just plain teasing for it to qualify for legal action. The harassment must be severe enough to create a hostile work environment, keep an employee from attaining career goals or impact the quality of life for the individual.

People often think of harassment in the workplace. This is a place where the harassed individual cannot escape the behavior. These environments should be protected, and when an individual suffers from harassment in what should be a protected environment, legal action is in order.

Bullying is another form of harassment that does not occur in the workplace. Bullying typically happens between peers. It can be physical or verbal violence or other damaging actions. Even exclusion, when severe enough or spreading lies about someone can be considered bullying. Again, legal action is in order.

Where to Turn for Help with Harassment

When you are being harassed, you often feel alone and have nowhere to turn for help but that is not true. The legal team at Eagle Law Offices, P.S. is here to help. We are ready to provide you with sound legal advice as to how you can protect your rights.

No one should have to deal with Harassment in Seattle. We believe everyone should be able to feel safe in any situation, and stopping harassment is the first step in making this happen. Call us today to learn what you can do to stop the harassment today.

If you have been accused of being the instigator of harassment, we can also help aggressively fight for your rights. Contact us at 206-426-6961 or click Here.