What is Family Law?

Bellevue, WA Family Law AttorneyJust as physicians practice in a particular area of medicine, so do attorneys. There is a variety of disciplines from which to choose, including bankruptcy law, criminal law, international law, civil law, corporate law and family law. As a great number of laws change every year, sometimes dramatically, it is important to select a family law attorney knowledgeable and experienced in litigation and negotiation. Eagle Law Offices, P.S. emphasizes its practice in family law in the Bellevue area.

Family law incorporates the multitude and diverse interests of a family. Dissolution of marriage is the most traditional area of family law but there are many other aspects of family law. Included within family law is divorce, annulment, property settlements, spousal support (alimony), equitable division of assets and debts, prenuptial agreements and domestic violence protection.

Often a family includes children who are a vital part of marriage and divorce proceedings. Particular sensitivity and care is necessary on the part of everyone involved. Family law attorneys deal with subjects such as child support, custody (residential schedule), paternity, terminating parental rights, child neglect and adoption of children in the United States and abroad.

A more recent area of family law incorporates civil unions and same sex marriages. New laws now apply for these relationships – similar to those for traditional marriages. Whatever family law questions concern you, the attorneys at Eagle Law Offices, P.S. will provide you with what you need to make informed decisions. Please feel free to contact us at 206-426-6961 for more information.