Seattle Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence is a broad category that encompasses anything to do with physical or emotional abuse between people in an intimate relationship. Domestic violence is part of Family Law and includes any violence that  occurs within a home, regardless if a couple is married or not. A Seattle domestic violence lawyer who is trained and experienced to handle your case will make all the difference when it comes to the eventual outcome.

If you or your family is in any immediate harm, such being stalked or have had property destroyed, you are subject to the protection you deserve.

It is commonly assumed that domestic violence only includes acts of violence but the truth is that emotional abuse is a factor as well, and it is punishable by law.  Those who are threatened or forced to live in fear, even without any physical force, are also victims of domestic violence. Escaping a violent relationship can be difficult; therefore it is our priority to make the process as easy as possible for you. We take care of the many facets of the process including filing for domestic violence protection orders. If children are involved, you will want to pick a route with the least trauma and change on their lives.

If you are the one facing a charge relating to domestic violence, contact a Seattle domestic violence attorney at Eagle Law Offices, P.S. as well. Contact us for help with your case at 206-426-6961 or by clicking here.