In non-parental custody proceedings, the main priority of the court is to decide what will work in the best interests of the minors involved in the case. For legal guidance in this delicate situation, you need the services of a Non-Parental Custody Attorney in Bellevue.

Eagle Law Offices, P.S. will provide you with a competent, compassionate and committed non-parental custody attorney who will aggressively defend your cause in court. Our team of professionals will handle your non-parental custody issues with sensitivity, respect, intensity and compassion as we have a sense of responsibility toward the children in your case.

With our decades of experience in family law matters throughout Western Washington, Eagle Law Offices, P.S. can provide professional assistance and guidance throughout the non-parental custody proceedings.  Our “hands-on” approach guarantees professional assistance from start to finish.

For expert legal services of a Non-Parental Custody Attorney in Bellevue, contact Eagle Law Offices, P.S. at 1-877-579-0650 for a free telephone conference. You may also begin the process now by emailing us about your case so we can start developing a strategic plan of action in moving forward. If you would prefer a confidential consultation, please make an appointment.