Washington now allows the modification of a child support order when certain criteria are met. The competent legal services of a Modification of Child Support Attorney in Everett are required to guide you accordingly. Eagle Law Offices, P.S., a Seattle-based firm, can provide you with this attorney with compassion and hands-on service.

Our law firm is led by prominent litigator Paul Eagle. We have extensive knowledge and skill with family law situations. Not only have we established an immovable presence in the legal arena but also have maintained contacts within the legal community to benefit our clients.

Through decades of experience in all aspects of family law matters, Eagle Law Offices, P.S. has the knowledge to help guide you through your case effectively and professionally.

A modification of child support can be obtained by filing a motion request that the court review the current order of support and modify it based on a substantial change of circumstances. The court will review the facts of your case in detail. Using the services a competent modification of child support attorney proves beneficial, as we know the law relating to child support modifications and the paperwork required.

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