In Washington, a person holding majority residential time with a child or children is required to provide notice of relocation to all parties entitled to court-ordered visitation with the child or children. Regardless of the distance involved in the relocation, parties enjoying court-ordered time with a child or children can file an objection to the move. Further, parties can file a request for a new parenting plan and revised residential schedule.

Parents often incorrectly assume the relocation of a child or children is automatically permitted. However, if an objection to the relocation is properly filed and served, a court will determine whether the move is permissible. A person with court-ordered visitation holds the right to request modification of the parenting plan absent the usual requirement for change of the parenting plan. The proposed relocation itself meets the hurdle of demonstrating adequate cause. If the parties cannot reach a resolution regarding the proposed parenting plan, the court will decide the matter in the best interest of the child or children.

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