Eagle Law Offices, P.S. spearheaded by prominent litigator, Paul Eagle, has decades of experience in representing citizens of Redmond in Family, Criminal and Estate Planning legal matters including Annulments (or declarations or invalidity).

Annulments (or declarations or invalidity) are rare and are only granted in situations where there was a legal defect from the start of the marriage that determines it to be invalid. When a spouse requests that a marriage is invalid, the court will examine all circumstances involved before making a decision. There are many factors considered by the courts in advance of granting a annulment that requires the assistance of an experienced lawyer to advise you on prior to any official proceedings.

Attempting to navigate through this process on your own can be overwhelming and confusing.  It’s important to work with an experienced family law attorney in order to receive the best results possible and ensure that all steps are taken properly to the satisfaction of the courts.

The laws surrounding annulments are rigid.  An experienced lawyer can help guide you through the process to prove that the marriage was invalid from its inception. Call Eagle Law Offices, P.S. today at 1-877-579-0650 to speak to our Annulment/Declarations of Invalidity Attorney in Redmond for further information.